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What to Expect: Architectural Design Phase

Architectural Design Phase Breakdown

Preliminary Design

You’ll work closely with your architect to put together a preliminary design for your custom home. This generally consists of a rough floor plan and elevation sketch that will take into account everything you want from a home. Including the size of the home, the layout of each space's desired aesthetic, and any other details that will ensure the home suits your family’s wants, needs, and lifestyle.

Preliminary Estimate

Our team will review your preliminary design to make sure it aligns closely with your desired budget. If there are any gaps between the cost of the home design and the budget you’ve set, we’ll be able to catch it early on. It’s easier to make adjustments at this stage and will be less expensive than they will if these adjustments are made farther down the line. Once we complete your preliminary estimate, this will serve as a guide for the remainder of the architectural design phase.

Final Plans & Engineering

During this stage, we will collaborate closely with you and your architect to fine-tune all of the details and begin to finalize your home plans.



During the design phase, we will keep you informed of costs, options, features, and approximate total build costs, before moving to the final working drawings.


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