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Starwood Celebrates New Custom Home Building Projects

It is one of the biggest joys for the Starwood Custom Homes team to begin working on an Arizona custom home building project and get to know each future homeowner personally. The thrill and excitement at the beginning is unexplainable as we all dream of the outcome together.

We are sharing on our Facebook and Instagram accounts some of the people we begin a building project with to document the amazing households that we get to work with.

Here are a few from the last few months:

Alan and Chris Rau are excited to begin building their dream home.

“Not only did Alan and Chris Rau celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary on August 3rd, they also selected Starwood Custom Homes to build their dream home in the “Regatta at Val Vista Lakes” that very same day! Congratulations, we are so excited for them!!”

The DeSantiago family will create memories in their new custom home.

“Looks like the DeSantiago’s are ready and excited to get started on building their Starwood Custom Dream Home in the beautiful “Santan Lakeside Estates”. Could not be happier for them!”

Jose and Petra Santana and their children begin their home building process.

““Picture Perfect”!!! Jose and Petra Santana and their children are so pumped and ready to start building their Starwood Custom Dream Home in the gorgeous “Santan Lakeside Estates”!! We are so excited for them!”

The Anderson groundbreaking event was full of excitement.

“Huge shout out to the Anderson family for making a “Groundbreaking” decision to have Starwood Custom build their dream home! We are so excited for them!!”


PC: @nicole.carson.bonilla

Our goal is to make the building process as smooth as possible for each customer. Our communication only strengthens the project as we listen and understand the needs of each household. You can expect a personalized experience as you create the home of your dreams with Starwood Custom Homes. Congratulations to these three households! Visit our online portfolio for photos of completed custom homes.

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