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Finding the Perfect Lot for an Arizona Custom Home

There are a lot of Arizona custom home lots throughout the Arizona Valley, but it can be difficult to find the perfect lot for your custom home. The key is to find a reliable luxury home builder who can help you through the entire custom home building process from beginning to end. Starwood Custom Homes has been dedicated to helping build luxury custom homes throughout the Arizona Valley for years, and they know what it takes to find the perfect property for your next construction project.

The Starwood Custom Homes website provides a search tool where those interested in a custom lot can search for available parcels of property. Technology will continue to be one of your greatest allies when trying to find the perfect plot for your custom home, and that includes satellite imaging. While you can drive up and down a street or through an area to get an idea of how the entire neighborhood looks before you buy a plot of land, satellite images will show you things that might hide to your naked eye. For example, that low-lying factory just a mile and half from your plot might make living in that area a bad idea. A full-size cattle farm just a mile away might create odors that will make you sorry you ever bought the land.

Before you buy a parcel of land for your luxury home, you should take a representative from Starwood Custom Homes with you to walk the property and pick out important details. Starwood is recognized as one of the finest custom home builders in Arizona, and their experts will help you to avoid land conditions that would make your construction project unnecessarily expensive, or almost impossible. You think that part of the land looks like a great place for a pool, until you dig just a little deeper and realize it is almost all sand. These are the details a professional can point out that will save you time and money.

Arizona Custom Home Lots Available with Breathtaking Hillside Views

Some people love to build their custom homes in the Arizona hills, but there are costs associated with that kind of construction that you need to be aware of. Thanks to satellites and cell signal towers, television and telephone services are no longer a huge concern to custom home builders. But it might cost you a lot to have the municipal sewer and water service extended out to where you want to build. In some communities, you must connect to the municipal water services if you want to build your home in their area.

Some people assume that properties set back and away from the rest of the developed areas are like the Wild West where there are no rules. But you could be looking at a property covered by an HOA and not even know it. If that is the case, then you will be handed a long list of rules and restrictions when it comes to building your home. It is important to do the research and find out all of the limitations and restrictions attached to the parcel of land that you are considering.

You do need to know more than a little something about how the sun moves and the weather trends in the Arizona valley if you want to find the perfect property. You might want to have the sun shine right into your breakfast nook in the morning, but the hills will be blocking the area where the sun will be rising. If you build in an area known for heavy winds, then you will need to compensate for that in the construction of your custom home. A professional will know how to take these elements into consideration, and give you the right advice to finding the perfect spot for your home.

Know all the facts before purchasing and breaking ground on a custom home in Arizona.

It is important to know what you want in a piece of property before you start your search. Some people want to build near areas that are already developed that have schools, stores and access to everything they need. Others just want a single access road where they can enjoy their custom home in peace. But even those who want to get away from it all will need to take certain considerations into account when looking for property. Can emergency vehicles get to you if they need to? If the main road washes out during the monsoons, is there another road you can use?

The experts at Starwood Custom Homes will be with you from the very start of your custom home building project. They will help you identify and analyze several pieces of land to start, and then they will go through the custom home building process with you to determine which piece is the best. You will have the advantage of getting guidance from a company that is known for its ability to find the perfect plot of land and build the ideal custom home.

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