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Arizona Custom Kitchens – The Heart of the Home

When you talk to any Arizona home builder about new custom kitchens, you will start to understand how much really goes into planning a new kitchen. The kitchen was always a hub of family activity, but separating the dining area from the kitchen always broke up any momentum the kitchen had developed for being a bonding area for the family. These days, custom home renovations experts such as Starwood Custom Homes understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home and there are plenty of features that go into making a custom kitchen complete.

The day begins in the kitchen for just about every family. There is the gathering for breakfast before everyone heads off to work or school, and that morning time together is becoming more and more precious to families. The first place the kids go when they get home from school is the refrigerator, and the same holds true for that moment when the parents get home. The design of a kitchen that includes a dining area creates a place where life happens all day long, and that increases the importance of the kitchen to every family in the greater Phoenix area.

Since life does happen in the kitchen, modern custom designs do everything they can to preserve floor space. Dishwashers are being installed as part of the kitchen cabinets, and extra cooking space is being installed vertically in the form of double ovens, instead of horizontally in the form of more cooking surfaces.

Islands are also becoming extremely popular because of their ability to make more work space without taking up too much floor space, and their versatility. An island can offer storage space, counter space, another sink option and even a seating area for lunch and snacks. You might have to give up some space to put in an island, but that space is more than returned in the functionality the island provides.

The modern custom kitchen is starting to take on a whole new appearance. With bright and shiny floors contrasted with handmade wooden cabinets, people are opting for that look of luxury when they have new kitchens installed. Custom kitchen builders are paying special attention to energy efficiency when they make appliance recommendations. For example, selecting a new refrigerator that offers space for entertaining and a family could also be Energy Star qualified for efficiency.

Dishwashers have always been a source of energy loss for a kitchen, but that is starting to change as well. Any dishwasher built before 1994 takes 10 gallons of water to do a complete load. When you think about the energy necessary to heat 10 gallons of water, you can start to understand how expensive it can get. New custom kitchens come equipped with dishwashers that meet the new government standard of using less than five gallons of water per load. If you fill your dishwasher properly (filled to the limit but not over) and run it with the lower water load, you will save a great deal of money.

We talked briefly about the look of new kitchens, but there is also a new level of craftsmanship going into these designs that was not apparent in the past. Experts in Chandler custom home designs, such as Starwood Custom Homes, use many handmade components that are custom fit to create the ideal look. The contrast of light-colored wood against bright floor tile is highlighted by the stainless steel appliances that everyone seems to want. The entire design and building process is done meticulously to get customers results they never thought they would get in their own homes.

The key to getting off to a good start with your custom kitchen design is to work with the experts at Starwood Custom Homes to help understand what makes up a great custom kitchen. The experts at Starwood will go over all of your options with you, and find color schemes and designs that will maximize your floor space while enhancing the entire decor of your home.

The kitchen is becoming one of the central rooms to any home, and that is why custom kitchens are becoming so popular. With energy efficient appliances and designs meant to maximize the ability for the family to interact comfortably, a custom kitchen is the ideal way to add a whole new level of family bonding to your daily life.

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