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The Trend of Natural Textures in Custom Home Designs

If you are an Arizona luxury custom home builder, then your goal with every design is to create a certain environment within a home that gives the homeowner exactly what they are looking for. A custom home can contain a variety of unique design elements such as larger closets and combining spaces for more efficiency, but there is a new trend in custom home designs that is taking off quickly and getting a lot of attention.

Hardwoods and specially designed recycled materials such as planks and bamboo have been finding their ways on to the walls and ceilings of custom designed homes, and homeowners are loving the results. When you are designing a custom home, it is important that every design element ties together to create an overall unified effect. By using hardwood and other natural materials as wall and ceiling materials, designers can wrap the homeowners in an ambiance they have never experienced before.

One of the reasons homeowners are designing custom homes with natural materials on the walls and ceilings is the wide variety of textures that are offer. With real reclaimed hardwood, no two planks ever look the same and something like a rich, cherry wood would look amazing on a living room wall. Rough wooden floor planks can give a very rural feel to any home when they are part of the walls and ceilings, while bamboo can help lighten up a room with its bright look.

Use natural stone not only around a fireplace but also as an accent wall

Designing an interior wall with brick, granite or tile will offer a kind of design option that no other material can offer. Materials contain their own characteristics and personalities, and those personalities can clash brilliantly when put together in just the right manner. Using hardwoods or stone as decorative walls also gives your walls a unique and elegant feel that no wallpaper or paint can create.

Custom home designers rarely do anything new simply to start a fad. The truth is that there are several benefits to utilizing natural materials on walls and ceilings. One of the prerequisites of being able to pull this look off is that your rooms must have a high ceiling, or else the effect of these materials on the ceiling could overwhelm the rest of the room. But when it is done right, the walls and ceiling seem to mesh together to create a huge living space with endless potential.

Harwood, when properly maintained, can keep its fresh look for a very long time. The same can be said for brick, tile and any other textures that accent a wall or ceiling. Paint and wallpaper tend to fade over time and cause you to have to have them re-done to get that sparkle back in the room. Using natural textures in design, that sparkle never leaves.

Brick being used as a backsplash in a kitchen or as a wall accent is a hot new trend

Any custom home expert can tell you that few things are more warm and inviting than a hardwood floor. When you expand that floor to be all over the room, you create a living space that is nothing but comfort. You can find a flooring material that fits the kind of mood you want a room to have, and that flooring will never let you down. A bright brick walled room as your kitchen or living room will not only be bright during sunny days, but it will also play with the light from your fireplace in ways that traditional wall coverings cannot.

If you really want to have control over the entire design of your custom home from the ground up, then you need to consider all of your design options. When you really want that bedroom to be warm and inviting, then hardwood walls and a hardwood ceiling will get the job done better than wallpaper or paint. By utilizing these unique design options, you can create an ambiance to your home that is all your own and unlike anything you have experienced before.

You can also use hardwood planks on walls for Chandler home renovations and remodeling projects. A complete overhaul of the interior of your home with hardwoods or other natural materials used in other parts of your home will make it feel like you have an entirely new home. If it is something truly unique that you want, then you need to look into hardwood wall planks and ceilings to accent every interior feature of your custom designed home.

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