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Starwood Custom Homes – Mission Statement

Starwood Custom Homes’ mission to you is an unwavering pursuit and complete commitment to always exceed our clients’ expectations as we create and build their Arizona custom home. Here at Starwood Custom Homes, building a dream home is our mission.

Building Relationships

From start to finish, building a custom home can often take a year to complete. A relationship based on trust and honesty goes a long way to ensuring a successful and enjoyable project for our customers. Through open and interactive communication, we strive to endure that we are working toward a common goal. Our commitment to building long lasting relationships with our clients is what separates us from everyone else.


All homes are not built the same and our homes are about quality. All projects by Starwood Custom Homes use only the highest quality materials and subcontractors to build their homes. Starwood knows how to build homes that exceed the demands of Arizona’s weather and climate and because of our years of our extensive experience we have exceptional construction methods and practices that allow our clients many years of enjoyment in their custom home.


At Starwood Custom Homes we believe in a team unity approach in all of our business dealings when building your home. Our subcontractors endure a rigid approval process to ensure that they are the best at what they do and the best at delivering the best quality product possible. Our teamwork philosophy creates a smooth building process and achieves the highest quality custom home. This process allows us to build the best home possible within the customer’s budget.


Your custom home is meant to reflect your lifestyle and what you like. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs and wants and then doing our best to deliver custom home designs that reflects you and what you desire out of a home. We stand with you during the design process with the architect. Through our extensive experience we can advise you throughout that process to best build the home that you desire.


We take great pride in knowing what it means to be professional. We strive every day to hold our customers’ needs first and know how important it is for our employees and subcontracts to conduct themselves in a professional manner every day. Our customers are assisted by a fully dedicated team throughout their entire building process. This team will strengthen a positive relationship as they listen and respond promptly to any concerns as they provide the best building experience possible. That is our commitment to you.


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