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Roger Lewis Featured as ListerPros Guest Speaker

Roger Lewis was honored to be able to speak with Jordan Nielsen from ListerPros in a LIVE Facebook event on September 14, 2007. Jordan has been a fan of Starwood Custom Homes after visiting many of the homes we’ve built and seeing custom features created with the homeowner in mind.

ListerPros features Roger Lewis, Arizona Custom Home Builder

Interior designers work closely with us to keep a floor plan synced with design choices. We also offer all of the state of the art smart home features that automate and make a home unique. Roger Lewis doesn’t have a favorite home in mind that Starwood built because he feels each new homeowner is his favorite. It makes him happy that after working with them closely for months to see how excited they are when they receive the keys to their new custom home- that is why he loves what he does!

The Starwood Custom Homes office provides examples of styles within the walls of each conference room designs. Pictures adorn the walls of homes that have been build and designed by us. We welcome people to stop by and tour our office or to schedule a meeting to discuss building your dream home.

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