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Our Chandler Custom Home Builder Showroom

At Starwood Custom Homes, we were thrilled when we opened the doors to our new Chandler custom home builder showroom earlier this year. We welcome visitors to come and take a tour to see our newly designed space.

Roger Lewis, our Senior Sales Executive, shares what makes our showroom unique for each person who walks through our doors:

Our location was created to feature a different style in each room. We have a room styled with reclaimed wood for an aesthetically rustic appearance; a space designed in a comfortable traditional fashion with warm tones; and a sleek modern styled space with clean edges. Each area was designed to provide a relaxed environment regardless of your preferred style. Our office was designed this way so visitors will be given an example of different design elements that they may want in their future custom homes. Our walls are covered with pictures of the interior and exterior of homes we have designed and built. We will have a great understanding of your taste just by what you notice in our showroom.

Most of the people who come see us for the first time have no idea how to start building or the normal process to build a custom home. We help answer that commonly asked question, “What does it take to build a custom home?” From the moment you walk in our door, we will sit down with you and explain the necessary steps. We want to give you a thorough understanding on how the entire building process works. From the building financing to selecting a perfect home lot to designing a floor plan and adding structural and design elements that would be unique to your style- we will guide and help you all along the way. We want you to know that you can easily build a custom home and that you will have someone assisting you through each step the entire time.

Our great communication is the biggest key to providing a positive, fantastic experience while building. We LISTEN to you, keep notes and create an organized process so you won’t have any surprises throughout the entire duration of building a custom home with us. So contact us on our website, call and make an appointment or just stop by for a personal tour of the Starwood Custom Homes showroom. We will take great care of you!


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